Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings

Lakewood Composite Fillings
At Lumin8 Dentistry in Lakewood, WA, we are proud to offer composite fillings as a modern and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal fillings. Led by Dr. Jun Carrington, our experienced team is dedicated to providing high-quality dental care that prioritizes both function and aesthetics, ensuring that your smile remains healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Composite fillings, also known as tooth-colored fillings, are made of a durable and biocompatible resin material that can be precisely matched to the color of your natural teeth. This allows us to repair cavities and restore damaged teeth while preserving the appearance of your smile. Unlike metal fillings, composite fillings blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, making them virtually indistinguishable and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your smile.

SonicFill™3 Composite Filling System

Lakewood SonicFill3 Dental Fillings
At Lumin8 Dentistry, we are excited to offer our patients the cutting-edge SonicFill3 Composite filling system, a state-of-the-art technology designed to enhance the quality and efficiency of dental fillings.

SonicFill3 represents a significant advancement in composite filling technology. Unlike traditional composite fillings, which require layering and incremental curing, SonicFill3 utilizes sonic energy to adapt the filling material quickly and thoroughly to the prepared cavity. This innovative system allows us to complete fillings in less time and with greater precision, resulting in durable, long-lasting restorations for our patients.

With SonicFill3, we can fill cavities in a single step, eliminating the need for multiple layers and reducing chair time for our patients. This not only improves the overall patient experience but also allows us to treat more patients in less time, ensuring that everyone receives the care they need in a timely manner.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

Lakewood Dental Fillings
In addition to their cosmetic benefits, composite fillings offer several advantages over traditional metal fillings. They require less removal of healthy tooth structure, allowing for more conservative treatment and preserving more of your natural tooth. Composite fillings also bond directly to the tooth surface, providing added strength and support and reducing the risk of fracture or decay in the future.

At Lumin8 Dentistry, we take pride in our meticulous approach to composite fillings, ensuring that each restoration is custom-made to fit your unique smile and blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. With Dr. Jun Carrington’s expertise and our state-of-the-art facilities in Lakewood, WA, you can trust that your composite fillings will be expertly placed with precision and care, restoring both the health and beauty of your smile.

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